Account Placement

From our experience, getting a website designed, programmed, and online can be an exhausting and sometimes, frustrating challenge. If you don’t give up and finally get your website live, the big question becomes, “How do I accept credit cards payments? With the thousands of merchant account companies offering the same service, how do you make an informed choice when this isn’t your area of expertise?

It’s Simple. Here are a few tips we give to merchants when they are trying to decide between Spotlight Payments and one of our competitors. 
Work with a merchant account provider that specializes only in e-commerce. Many merchant account websites sell anything and everything from swipe machines for retail businesses, payroll services, gift cards, and 100′s of other products. By choosing a company that has their focus on e-commerce like we do, you are guaranteed that merchant account provider understands this industry and is up-to-date on the latest card association’s regulations, e-commerce compliance issues, Internet trends, marketing tools, and alternative payment methods that will help your company be successful online.
Select a merchant account provider that works with several banks This point is very important to consider when deciding which merchant processor to place your business with. Many merchant account websites have a single bank relationship and have an auto-approval application on their website. They have registered as an independent sales organization (ISO), paid a hefty fee to the bank to be given authority to underwrite merchant accounts at a set buy rate that they mark up, and have signed an exclusive deal with the bank. 
Why is this a problem for you?
Not every e-commerce business fits into the same box. Some merchants have great credit and want to sell subscriptions online, while another merchant is selling a widget but has poor credit. If you work with a merchant account provider that only works with one bank, every merchant is going to get the same rates with the same terms whether you qualify for a low rate or not. Merchantaccountcheckup has developed solid relationships with many e-commerce merchant banks located throughout the world. We will select a bank that is perfect for your business type and secure the best credit card processing rates and terms that are available.
Work with a merchant account provider that allows you to call them
If you are new to e-commerce, trying to understand all the pieces involved in processing credit cards online (Internet merchant accounts, gateways, shopping carts) is like teaching a baby to walk. Even if the pre-application is self explanatory. At Spotlight Payments, we like to handle customer service the old-fashion way. If you need us to walk you through the application process or have any questions about credit card processing or platform selection, give us a call. We’re here to help you. If we can understand your business better, then both your company and ours will be more successful.
Our goal is to make sure the merchant account application process is simple and pleasant. Let us help you take the confusion out of payment processing. If you are not ready to complete an application and have questions, please complete the following brief questionnaire and one of our e-commerce specialists will contact you right away.
If you are ready to monetize on the e-commerce boom, please complete our quick and easy application. There is no obligation or fee to submit this application.