Account Checkup

For e-commerce merchants, changing credit card processors can seem too cumbersome to even consider. And merchant banks are VERY aware of this. During the initial set up of your Internet merchant account, you were most likely considered an internet start-up or a high-risk account. Discount rates, gateway fees, and volume caps might have been pre-set based on that criteria. 

What happens when your merchant profile and criteria changes?

Absolutely Nothing.

This is where our company can help you. With 12+ years of e-commerce payment processing experience under our belts(and skirts), Spotlight Payments will review your merchant processing statements (pricing including interchange, gateway fees, AVS fees, downgrades), look at your track record which includes chargebacks and company growth. Then we will provide you with a detailed cost savings analysis. 

By implementing some or all of our customized recommendations, you should see a savings of approximately 5-50% in both soft and hard costs. For mid to larger merchants, this can represent tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings. Just ask our references!

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and see how we can help your company reduce credit card and ACH fees, add additional payment methods such as checks, establish a secondary account to avoid volume caps, and simplify your vendor relationships.